Donald at the Bat – Day 656, Election Day

Day 656, Election Day


It’s Tuesday; it’s Election Day,

When we all vote then kneel and pray,

For everybody wants to know

Precisely how the vote will go.


And, if the Democrats should win,

Can they repair the mess we’re in?

The Donald campaigned, telling lies,

Which almost no one really buys.


Yet, we’ve seen him retain his base

With innuendo about race

And, of course, on immigrants.

On manufactured evidence,


The Donald has his base afraid

That immigrants will all degrade

The purity and quality

Of mostly white society.


As demographics change, we note

Some red states have suppressed the vote.

Republicans, to their chagrin,

Know, if all vote, they cannot win.


So they use gerrymandering

To help all the right-wingers cling

To power, even though they lose

To liberals voting in long queues.


Now, after charges, claims, insults,

We’ll finally see the vote’s results.

Will Democrats stand up to cheer

Or sit there crying in their beer?


And, if Republicans run wild,

Will Trump, the narcissist child,

Rave on, repeal Obamacare,

And build his Wall, make “them” stay there,


Give bigger tax breaks for the rich,

Sell them once more with bait and switch,

Fire Sessions and Rob Rosenstein,

Dump Mueller down a deep coal mine?


A breathless nation now awaits.

We’ll shortly see who celebrates.