Donald at the Bat – Day 657, Results!

Day 657, Results!


The Democrats took back the House,

Though, sadly, Beto lost

And Ted Cruz won, though he’s a louse.

So, let’s assess the cost.


Now Texas ain’t completely red;

Some seats were flipped to blue.

There’s change a’coming, voters said.

A breeze of freedom blew.


Pelosi gets the Speaker’s post,

To name committee chairs.

She’s whom right wingers fear the most.

Let’s see how Donald fares.


They’ll ask to see his tax returns.

Are all his numbers right?

And, though the Donald’s anus burns,

The law gives them the right.


And when the Donald met the press,

He clearly was perturbed.

It isn’t out of line to guess

That Trump’s mind is disturbed.


Trump says that those who did not win

Should have shown him more love.

That’s pretty standard Donald spin

For when push comes to shove.


So we will have to wait and see

If anything gets done.

We know, to work, folks must agree

And, so far, we see none.


And, flash!  Trump just fired his first shot:

Jeff Sessions tweeted out.

Does this begin the Donald’s plot

To punch Bob Mueller’s snout?


Then Trump put in Matt Whitaker

To be acting AG,

Becoming Mueller’s manager:

Obstruction strategy?


Again, we’ll simply have to see

What Whitaker will do

It’s not a far-fetched fantasy

That he’ll say, “Bob, you’re through.”