Donald at the Bat – Day 658, November 8, 2018

Day 658, November 8, 2018


I woke up this morning, a dozen more dead.

Another mass shooting while I was in bed.

A bar was the crime scene, armed guard first to die,

He’s hired for protection and he’s a “good guy.”


Police fought the shooter and one of them died.

The shooter died also but from suicide.

The shooter, familiar, another white male.

Our Congress does nothing; their votes are for sale.


We’ve murdered our Christians; we’ve murdered our Jews.

We’ve murdered our students, so who’s left to choose?

We spend lives like money; our deaths pay the toll,

For death is the price of our failed gun control.


So, let’s raise our glasses to our NRA

And our craven Congress.  Toast: “Hip, hip, hooray!”