Donald at the Bat – Day 655, The Day Before Decision Day

Day 655, The Day Before Decision Day


Republicans of good will, not of Donald’s rabid band,

Must rise to show us all the principles for which they stand.

Like liberty?  Equality? And opportunity?

Of course, with individual responsibility.


Republicans of good will, in dilemma, face the choice

Of listening to reason or the would-be tyrant’s voice.

They know they have the power to stop our slide to tyranny,

That Trump has based on hate and fear and wicked calumny.


Republicans of good will must vote for a Democrat.

We need that check and balance to the would-be autocrat.

“Who more than self their country loved…America…” we sing. (1)

Well, do we?  Donald doesn’t; narcissism is his thing.


You can’t bring us together while you’re cutting us in two.

Trump has us sliced and diced and we are boiling in his stew.

And, while we’re boiling, Donald can enhance his bank account

And, daily, dominate the news; for him that’s paramount.


Republicans of good will simply have to realize

That Donald represents the devil and not in disguise.

And, Christians…where the hell are you?  When you face Judgment Day,

And you’re charged with hypocrisy, what will you have to say?


(1)  From “America, the Beautiful,”  lyric by Katharine Lee Bates, music by Samuel A. Ward, 1911 version, verse 3.