Donald at the Bat – Day 654

Day 654

Our nation’s soul is now on trial;

It’s on worldwide display.

Will hate and fear from Trump beguile

Or might love win the day?


“Give me your tired, your poor…” the call

Of Lady Liberty.

Now Trump says he will build a wall.

Forget that history.


Our sentiments right now divide,

Half love, half hate and fear.

Our votes will show our soul inside.

Will our result be clear?


Will we see hatred segregate

Behind a wall of red?

How odd, where “Christians” congregate—

Christ’s love?  No, hate instead.


This cycle we’ve seen murdered Jews.

And there was an attempt

To bomb all those with leftist views

For whom Trump holds contempt.


Trump energized his bigot base

To view brown folks like lice.

For lacking empathy and grace,

He’s yet to pay a price.


The evidence is crystal clear;

Our trial is underway.

Will we choose love or hate and fear

On this election day?