Donald at the Bat – Day 653

Day 653

It isn’t just the caravan that weighs on Donald’s mind.

It’s also home-grown colored folks that cause Trump’s guts to grind.

Mike Cohen, his attorney told us all what Trump has said

For years and years about black folks.  Racism’s in his head.


That’s fine with Donald’s base of undereducated whites,

Who’ve always disapproved of what is known as “civil rights.”

When those they think inferior now threaten to surpass

Some white folks in society, they feel kicked in the ass.


Trump’s business practice has been racist.  Google if you doubt.

The courts have imposed remedies but Trump goes on to spout.

Two years ago it helped him win; he’s now back at the well.

He’ll go there ‘til he loses.  If you’re buying, Trump will sell.

What must Trump think of his base if he keeps on spewing this?

If this keeps working, we’re all staring into the abyss.

Trump can’t respect his base and he has said so in the past.

If they knew what Trump thought of them, would they remain steadfast?


We know hate works; Trump proved it to our shock, two years ago.

But will it keep on working?  In just three more days, we’ll know.