Donald at the Bat – Day 652

Day 652


Now Trump has settled on his final midterm strategy.

He’ll save us from the “brown invasion” militarily.

He’ll send troops to our southern border, fifteen thousand strong,

With orders they should shoot to kill if “browns” do something wrong.


Complaining the mail bomber and the murderer of Jews

Extinguished his momentum, Donald Trump relit his fuse.

“The caravan!  The caravan! It threatens all our lives,

“And even worse, our money, when it finally arrives.”


“The Democrats!  The Democrats! (Trump spoke what Miller wrote.)

“Will give the brown folks health care, education, and the vote.”

He’ll change all our asylum laws while cancelling birthright,

In hopes that will rekindle cool supporters on the right.


Opposing immigration in a land of immigrants,

While cancelling the birthright that the Constitution grants,

To keep some border states not only red but bloody red,

Will that win this election?  Trump thinks so, from what he said.


So ,Mussolini, Franco, a failed artist named Adolf—

Trump wants to emulate them; he should stick to playing golf.