Donald at the Bat – Days 464-465

Days 464-465

The White House Correspondents’ dinner took place just last night,

To celebrate a free press; now its future seems less bright.

A comic roasts the President; the President replies

But Trump has not attended since they make fun of his lies.


But Sarah Sanders did attend and took most of the crap.

The Jokes the comic told about her caused a Twitter flap.

Some said the jokes weren’t funny; others said that they weren’t nice:

Her weight and make up, personal…just too much fire and ice.


Since humor as a form of criticism is well-known,

And always has a grain of truth, so some laugh, others groan,

Approval, disapproval frequently go hand in hand.

Though one must say, in general, this comic’s jokes were panned.


The Press think Trump’s a liar while Trump calls the Press, “Fake News.”

He’ll never go to dinner where folks will all say, “J’accuse!”  (1)

If you pursue the truth but Trump is always blowing smoke,

It makes you really bitter and it’s really hard to joke.


Some pundits have suggested that these dinners ought to cease.

Is there a right against offense?  Must Trump be left in peace?

Some students say professors shouldn’t challenge thoughts they hold.

The Press, the comics and professors should be well-controlled?


The Chaplin of the Congress has been fired.  What did he do?

Apparently he prayed that Members think of the poor, too.

Paul Ryan said he should say out of politics, just pray.

A priest should not tell Congressmen what morals they betray.


  1. Emile Zola, 1898.  Article about the Dreyfus Affair.