Donald at the Bat – Day 463

Day 463

There may be progress in Korea; North and South have met.

But will this mean an end to war?  That’s anybody’s bet.

Denuclearization is a problem they’ll discuss.

But we think Kim’s the problem there and Kim thinks that it’s us.


The talks are now bilateral and we’ll watch how they go.

And will it help when Donald’s there?  That only God can know.

And next the Chinese will weigh in so Kim is not alone

But will the Chinese lean on Kim?  Will they throw him a bone?


A bet that Kim made has paid off.  Because he has the bomb

America will talk to him.  Who wants a huge maelstrom?

There’s still a long, long way to go.  Will Trump get the Peace Prize?

Well, Lindsey Graham said he should.  Would Norway agonize?


Trump’s next guest at the White House is the German Chancellor.

That’s Merkel, whom he’s met before. (He won’t be hugging her.)

They’ll be discussing trade and NATO, all in fiscal terms.

We must reduce trade deficits; that’s better for our firms.


Of course, we’ll charge the Europeans more for NATO’s shield.

Trump’s predecessors were just suckers; Europe wheeled and dealed.

With Trump it’s all about the money.  We’ll watch how this goes.

Trump says he won’t, like predecessors, be led by the nose.


Can Trump negotiate a deal with Kim Jong Un and yet

Back out of the Iran deal, a course on which he’s dead set?

Macron and Merkel, even Mattis think that’s a mistake.

But since Obama signed it, that’s a move that Trump must make.


Natalia Veselnitskaya has now been shown to be

A Kremlin agent in an interview on NBC.

When she came to Trump Tower, she proposed a quid pro quo.

The Russians will help Trump and he’ll lift sanctions.  Now we know.


So Russians in Trump Tower, meeting with the Trump Campaign

Are shown by emails to be Kremlin agents who would gain

Relief from economic sanctions if they helped Trump win,

Thus further deepening the sewage that the Donald’s in.


Though Trump says, “No collusion,” that’s exactly what took place.

It’s been so clearly shown by a persistent paper chase.

Though Nunes and Republicans have tried to hide the facts,

The wall they’ve tried to build is showing lots and lots of cracks.