Donald at the Bat – Day 462

Day 462

Scott Pruitt has been summoned to the Congress.  Must he pay

For peccadillos he committed at the EPA?

The Democrats will lean on Pruitt as he testifies.

But we don’t know what happens if they catch him in some lies.


Scott knows that he’s performing for an audience of one.

He thinks he’ll be alright if he gets Trump’s agenda done.

It’s up to Trump to hire and fire his kakistocracy.

We now know that’s a glaring fault in our democracy.


And through all Pruitt’s questioning, he always blamed his aides

And several of his enemies, all sharpening their blades.

of course, Scott has done nothing wrong there at the EPA,

A good and faithful servant, who’ll flush EPA away.


Some say our institutions will survive the Trump assault.

The Senate did not do its job; does that make Scott their fault?

“They” say that, “It can’t happen here,” but tyrannies arise

In many types of governments, when folks get used to lies.


The President called Fox and Friends.  It was an oral tweet.

No limit on the characters, Trump’s “tweet” was indiscrete.

he had denied all knowledge of the Stormy daniels case.

Today…”Mike Cohen handled it.”  No she’s a federal case.


Trump also told us that not everybody realized…

A fact, of which the Donald had been recently apprised,

That, in the Civil War, Republicans had done “the thing.”

We guess he meant they ended slavery.  (Go tell your offspring.)


A summary of Donald’s blithering on Fox today…

A wild performance that left his supporters in dismay.

He talked for a half hour and it turned into a rant.

His lawyers pray that he’ll shut up although they know he can’t.


Now Doctor Ronny Jackson is withdrawing from the fight.

He calls the allegations false but still he’ll say, “good night.”

It’s possible the Senate would reject him anyway

His lack of management experience was not hearsay.