Donald at the Bat – Day 461

Day 461

The Congress, in joint session, heard the President of France

Give them an elegant address in which he took a stance

Protecting Earth’s environment, its air, its land, its sea.

This planet is our only home.  “There is no planet B.” (1)


He also spoke about Iran, the deal six nations signed,

The deal, I’m sure we all recall, about which Donald whined.

Macron warned: don’t abandon it but strengthen it instead,

So Iran never gets a bomb, nor millions wind up dead.


In contrast, there’s Scott Pruitt, the bete noire of EPA,

Continuing his war on science, throwing facts away.

He wants to ban some studies that the EPA has used

In making regulations, (so our Earth can be abused.)


Now Pruitt has to testify to Congress one day hence.

There should be lots of fireworks, not only on expense

But lies he’s told about about his deals and actions, now well known.

And on his war on data, which all scientists bemoan.


Poor Doctor Jackson’s confirmation prospects dimmed today.

The White House says there were no vetting problems, by the way.

Of course, that isn’t true, for the Inspector General

Had raised enough to cause this nomination’s funeral.


It’s much more likely that the White House simply did not vet,

The usual Trumpist style, which, if you read, you can’t forget.

Trump said that Jackson looks the part; besides, he likes the guy.

It’s nasty that reporters have put Jackson on to fry.


One has to worry there may be some sort of false campaign.

So Jackson needs a hearing; his life’s circling the drain.

Ideally the senators examine evidence

And then vote to confirm or not based on his competence.


The President has pushed into the Michael Cohen case.

He’ll help review the documents so no one gets off-base

And violates attorney-client privilege…so unfair!

But does the judge need Donald’s help?  Does Trump fear something there?


Mike Cohen says he’ll plead the Fifth in Stormy Daniels’ case.

That means the deal with Stormy is much more than a disgrace.

You take the Fifth so you will not incriminate yourself.

And then you pour yourself some scotch from your fifth on the shelf.


DeVos and Pruitt, Zinke, Carson wreck their agencies.

But don’t sell Mick Mulvaney short, he brings the same disease.

He told a bunch of banker types: give dough to the right guy

And regulations that protect consumers go bye bye.


And Giuliani met with Mueller to negotiate

An interview of Trump, or not, perhaps accelerate

The termination of the probe of Donald’s “Russia thing,”

Perhaps before someone like Cohen also wants to sing.


  1. Emmanuel Macron, April 25, 2018