Donald at the Bat – Day 460

Day 460

Now Trump is meeting with Macron and when they met the Press,

Trump sounded so belligerent.  He said they would address

Iran and trade.  That’s no surprise; he’s told us that before.

And, in both cases, Trump sounds like he’s “fixin’” for a war.


He says that we will scrap the multi-nation Iran deal.

And we’ll snap back the sanctions so Iran knows how we feel

About their funding Hezbollah and other ways they cheat.

If they enrich uranium, then we’ll turn up the heat.


The European Union has a trade surplus with us.

So, those are more agreements Trump will throw beneath the bus.

Trump threatened China with new tariffs; China “tariffed “ back.

The Europeans have his number.  They’ll trade flack for flack.


And how will Kim Jong Un react to watch Trump break a deal?

For that is Donald’s standard style, as slippery as an eel.

Trump always “renegotiates.”  And then he doesn’t pay.

No one should be surprised if he bankrupts the USA.


Is there a “bromance” with Macron or is he playing Trump?

All foreign statesmen know that they must pat Trump on the rump.

The French don’t like the Donald so Macron must watch his step.

I’m sure he made these calculations in his travel prep.


Macron needs to defend the European Union’s deals,

Perhaps, in their discussions, changing how the Donald feels

About the climate.  Then, of course, the Mideast mess persists.

Macron may think warm handshakes will get more than twisting wrists.


The Ronny Jackson confirmation may fall on its prat.

The Donald asked why anyone would want to go through that.

Trump blames the Democrats, who failed to shoot Pompeo down.

They and the Press both want to run Trump’s choices out of town.


It seems the White House did not vet this candidate at all

Before Trump nominated him, he did not make one call.

For the Inspector General laid out the history

Of Doctor Jackson, showing his unsuitability.


And this is pretty typical of Donald, as we’ve seen,

So we have Zinke, Pruitt, Carson, DeVos on the scene,

As well as Priebus, Price, and Bannon: dozens who are gone,

Like Flynn, who pleaded guilty or Mike Cohen, woebegone.


The meeting in Trump Tower is now under Mueller’s scope.

He thinks Paul Manafort has records that might be the rope

To hang all the participants and all of Trump’s campaign

For collusion with the Russians, (through Manafort’s Ukraine?)


Forty One and Barbara

Sometimes two life-long partners may fuse two lives into one.

And when one goes, the other follows, their one life is done.

So it is no surprise to hear that Forty One is ill.

He may not live much longer now; his spirit lost its will.