Donald at the Bat – Day 459

Day 459

Emmanuel Macron is visiting this week from France.

One wonders if he’ll dent the Donald’s global warming stance.

You might recall Trump pulled out of the French Accords last year.

Which fossil fuel interests and the ignorant would cheer.


With Zinke, Pruitt, Trump all on the fossil fuel team,

One thinks their old steam engine will not soon run out of steam.

But look, the sun is shining; the winds blow and water flows.

Their non-polluting power won’t offend your eyes or nose.


With Trump supported by the greedy and the uninformed,

The Earth is in for more pollution as it’s being warmed.

The Donald simply does not care since money is his god.

He’s long past understanding his philosophy is flawed.


Rand Paul announced he’s caved on Mike Pompeo.  He’ll vote, “Yes.”

So Mike will get confirmed and we have all been left to guess

Why Rand gave in.  All we can say is Rand’s done this before.

He holds his principles a while then dumps them on the floor.


So, with Pompeo leaving CIA, Trump’s nominee

Is Gina Haspel, whose past record makes some disagree.

She ran a torture site a while ago in Dubya’s years.

Which has some Senators on both sides picking up their spears.


The dinner for the French Premier will have one Democrat

And not a single member of the Press.  Just think of that!

No doubt an insult, but we know reporters will not care.

Who wants cheap wine and cheeseburgers—the banquet’s bill of fare.


And Doctor Ronny Jackson may not soon lead the VA.

His confirmation hearings are on ice, at least today.

There are reports of misbehavior during his career,

A hostile workplace, too much drinking: hurdles he must clear.