Donald at the Bat – Day 458

Day 458

Today is Earth Day, but so far, Scott Pruitt’s not in jail.

We humans, stewards of the Earth, might see our mission fail.

Trump shows us, by supporting Pruitt, that he does not care

A whit for our home, our Blue Ball; (and we don’t have a spare.)


Though Trump grabs pussy, has affairs, if Mother Earth gets screwed,

A hundred grand won’t keep her mood from turning hot and rude.

Her weather warms; her oceans rise; her hurricanes get worse.

From storms and drought, when we cry out, Earth says, “You caused this curse.”


Do Trump and Pruitt understand our Earth’s environment?

It’s doubtful.  Whether yes or no, their conduct’s negligent,

Reversing federal policies that keep pollution low,

Seems rather stupid since we know we’ve nowhere else to go.


Will we destroy our Earth for profit?  Swing the wrecking ball?

So pride or greed or ignorance—which goes before a fall?

Scott Pruitt manifests all three and he remains Trump’s boy.

And even Jared Kushner, looking at Scott, might say, “Oy!”