Donald at the Bat – Day 466

Day 466

Honduran, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan refugees

Are at the San Diego border, beggin us to please

Grant them asylum from the murderous regimes they fled.

For, if we send them back, they know they soon will all be dead.


But Trump tells San Diegans not to let them into town.

(For he prefers a paler skin than theirs of honey brown.)

“…Your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” (1)

It’s time to slam the door on them.  Who needs a refugee?


Though they’re not breaking any law, Trump says our laws are weak.

We take too many poor folks in and we’ll stop that this week.

If they become our citizens, they’ll all vote Democrat,

Electing women and “Obamas” and we can’t have that.


And notice, if you will, that these folks are not sneaking in.

There is a border double fence.  Why build it there again?

But Trump says, “Keep these people out.  Their problems are not ours.”

Poor refugees cause problems for the world’s major powers.


Poor Doctor Jackson won’t return to be the Donald’s doc.

His nomination without vetting made him drink hemlock.

Another person’s life destroyed because he worked for Trump.

Can he and Cohen start a club that meets out in the dump?


Miss Stormy Daniels sued the Donald, claiming, “I’m defamed!”

Trump said that she made up a story.  Here is what she claimed.

She said that she was threatened by a man some years ago,

To shut up about Trump.  Trump said she lied. How would Trump know?


Now White House staffers tell us that John Kelly, Chief of Staff,

Has said that Trump’s an idiot and that’s not just a gaffe.

For Trump is very sensitive.  He tells us he is smart.

First Tillerson, now Kelly clearly had a change of heart.


The Donald’s skin is very thin, so Kelly has to go.

It isn’t if; it is now when.  So John is on “death row.”

When Kelly’s gone, who will be there to rein the Donald in?

The answer is: nobody, and to everyone’s chagrin.


John Kelly has, of course, pushed back, “The story is BS.”

We know he has to do this.  There’s no way that he’d confess.

There’s lots of other stories of what Kelly thinks of Trump.

In Yiddish terms, the Donald is an intellectual schlump.


Just listen to the Donald long enough and you’ll agree.

It’s not just lies but lack of facts that one can plainly see.

McMaster, Tillerson, and Kelly, each one with free choice,

On serving with this President, now all speak with one voice.


  1. Emma Lazarus, “The New Colossus,” 1883