Donald at the Bat – Day 467

Day 467

The Donald isn’t very smart, so say his closest aides,

McMaster, Tillerson, and Kelly, butlers, cooks, and maids.

They’re using terms like, “idiot,” and “moron,” just plain, “dumb.”

And, when he walks you’ll notice that he’s never chewing gum.


The Donald says he’s smart but, if he’s dumb, could he be wrong,

When everyone who knows him well sings such a different song?

If, every time you say something, the experts disagree,

Might you conclude your I.Q. just ain’t what it ought to be?


Vocabulary, poor, and general information, low,

Uninterested in recognizing what you need to know,

Not good at comprehending the material you read,

All these are qualities the truly smart among us heed.


And other leaders recognize you don’t know history,

And sadly, also recognize that you crave flattery.

So they give you parades and tell you that you’re really smart,

Macron and Netanyahu raise this practice to an art.


Now Bibi showed us just how well he understands the man.

He made a slideshow, all in English, covering Iran.

The show describes the program for “the bomb” that they once had

Before the deal Obama signed, (which therefore makes it bad.)


So Bibi’s slideshow gives Trump an excuse to dump the deal.

He’s driven by an animus which he cannot conceal,

While Britain, Russia, China, Germany, and France all stay.

Does Trump know something that they don’t?  Is it the other way?


Somebody on Trump’s team leaked questions Mueller had told them

That Bob had for the President and wanted to ask him.

The New York Times has published them; the questions make the point

They’re looking at obstruction.  Is Trump headed for “the joint?”


When Trump fired Comey, he invited Russians the next day

To join him for a photo op, where he had this to say…..

By firing Comey he had taken lots of pressure off.

Did  Donald want to hide more than his love for stroganoff?


Sean Hannity, Trump’s spokesman, has called all these questions, “dumb.”

But, smart or dumb, can Donald answer them?  If not, how come?

The questions, by themselves, have made it pretty clear to most

That Trump is in big trouble.  Maybe he’s already toast.


The House Intel Republicans have issued their “report,”

Ignoring so much evidence, their work cannot purport

To be more than a cover-up but Mueller’s work won’t be.

Did Trump collude?  Did he obstruct? When Bob’s through, we shall see.