Donald at the Bat – Day 468

Day 468

Another lawyer Trump was “very happy with” retired.

Ty Cobb announced he’s bailing out, no hint that he was fired.

Cobb’s counsel was cooperation.  That’s not the Donald’s style.

No, Donald likes to fight, dissemble, lie, beguile, and rile.


Did Cobb once think Trump innocent but now he’s changed his mind?

Has Ty Cobb done some digging and can’t stand the facts he mined?

He’ll be replaced by Emmet Flood, who has experience

In  previous  impeachments, how to fight the evidence.


And, speaking of impeachment, some right-wingers raise that threat

To Rosenstein at DOJ because they cannot get

Internal memos and work papers so that they can smear

Both Hillary and Comey, base intentions they’ve made clear.


Impeachment clearly on the minds of Donald’s legal team,

Not probable but possible, not just Pelosi’s dream.

There’s Mueller’s probe, a hostile Press, and White House disarray,

Too many leaks to stay afloat, the captain’s mind astray.


So gird your loins, take sword and shield and bang the deep war drums.

Defections indicate a sense that Armageddon comes.

Will Trump be leading Pickett’s charge and fail like all of them?

Or ride like Custer to the Greasy Grass and die like him? (1)


We also learned that Trump dictated his own doctor’s note.

Vocabulary and bombast make it quite clear who wrote

The letter Doctor Bornstein signed.  Like kids in school who try

to sign their own report cards, they’re soon caught in the lie.


Doc Bornstein also told us that Trump sent his goons to raid

his office and take all Trump’s records that the doctor made.

This violates the HIPPA regs, so Bornstein is one more

Of dismissed Trump associates, a casualty of war.


  1. “Greasy Grass,” the Lakota name for the Little Bighorn river, site of “Custer’s Last Stand.”