Donald at the Bat – Day 569

Day 469

First, Donald Trump knew nothing of the Stormy Daniels case.

Mike Cohen made a payment then told us, with a straight face,

That he used his own money; Donald Trump was not involved.

She made false accusations, Cohen paid, and problem solved.


Then Rudy Giuliani made his entrance from stage right

And told the folks at Fox that what they’d heard was not quite right.

Of course the Donald knew and he had paid Mike Cohen back,

Which left the folks at Fox and Friends all taken quite aback.


It was a private matter, campaign not involved at all.

And everything was legal, no one needs to take a fall.

(The only problem now is weaving one coherent tale.

Since everyone was telling lies, smart money says they’ll fail.)


They have to clean up time frames: what did Donald know and when?

And why did Cohen say at first, Trump didn’t know, and then

Trump paid Mike in small payments, over time, which sure looks like

They wanted to hide something.  Now, can Rudy plug this dike?


We’ll watch and listen as the Trump team’s story is fleshed out.

Since Cohen, Trump and Giuliani leave a lot of doubt

Because of all the things  the three of them said in the past,

Are very tough to reconcile with facts we have amassed.


We’ll have to see if Trump supporters care if  he has lied

Or screwed a porn star then had her paid off to try to hide

Behavior that might cost some votes.  He’s done it more than once.

So far they do not seem to care about his sexual stunts.


Trump built a wall of stinky shit, which now has hit the fan

And Trump has paid his contractor, who took care of the plan.

The problem is the plans themselves.  There is a building code

And poison weeds sprout in the shit from seeds that Donald sowed.


Today’s the nation’s Day of Prayer.  So who has prayed for what?

Though Donald does not kneel, (his usual posture is to strut,)

He might rethink this question, about moral laxity,

Though Donald’s idols are of him, he is no deity.