Donald at the Bat – Day 470

Day 470

While on his way to Dallas to address the NRA,

Trump stopped to muddy waters with the White House Press pool spray.

“Nobody’s changing any stories.  Rudy is just great.

“Though he just started yesterday, he’ll soon get his facts straight.”


Nobody’s changing stories though they do not all agree.

For Rudy and Mike Cohen differ; check the tapes, you’ll see.

Why Donald fired Jim Comey, what Trump said on Air Force One,

Are different than what Rudy said.  The fun has just begun.


What Trump and Rudy now must do is usually called, “spin.”

It would be nice if they would also read poor Sarah in.

But Trump does not coordinate; he speaks and then moves on,

His team behind with shovels, scooping droppings off the lawn.


So Rudy issued a “correction.”  What he said before

Was pretty much the same today.  “Correction” or encore?

The Daniels payment just protected Donald’s family

And did not have a thing to do with Trump as nominee.


When Trump addressed the NRA, he blew smoke up their ass.

In basically a campaign speech, he used it to harass

The Democrats and Mueller and all thoughts of gun control.

And praised his tax cuts and approval in one recent poll.


The Donald simply loves his crowds, evoking cheers and boos,

By telling to his faithful his own version of the news.

His themes have stayed the same.  You hear one speech, you’ve heard them all.

They serve to keep hs base in line.  He needs their votes this fall.


To stroke the NRA, Trump spoke of shootings in our schools.

Of course, he did not violate the standard, gun-nut rules.

Put armed guards in our schools; get rid of all our gun-free zones

And we’ll turn all the bad guys into rotting flesh and bones.


To show Trump’s usual misunderstanding of the facts,

He mentioned European deaths in mass shooting attacks,

Completely skipping over far, far lower deaths from guns

In countries that have fewer guns, an argument Trump shuns.


Dan Balz in WaPo writes to ask, “Who cares if Donald lies?’

Will he, or we, pay any price when we all realize

That lies comprise part of his tweets on each and every day,

And nobody believes a single thing he has to say?


We don’t know if Trump’s base believes him or if they don’t care.

Once we’re inured to lying then, like love and war, all’s fair.

It’s all a fight to win or lose, the battle to the strong. (1)

It’s simply might that makes the right and weakness that makes wrong.


  1. “The race does not always go to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but that’s the way to bet.”  Damon Runyan