Donald at the Bat – Day 471

Day 471

A poll shows Trump’s approval stands at forty nine percent.

Though other polls don’t show it, this result gives us a hint

That Donald’s womanizing, lying, have had no effect

On almost half of us, if this result could be correct.


And, even if it isn’t, polls have shown about a third

Of us have stuck with Trump and some believe his every word.

So when Balz asked, “Does lying matter,” they said clearly, “No,”

A most disquieting result for ethicists to know.


“The enemy is us,” Walt Kelly’s Pogo once observed.

Poll after poll have shown we got the leader we deserved.

Approve or disapprove of Trump, we smolder and we burn.

And, when we look within ourselves, our guts begin to churn.


We’ve now heard, in the campaign, Cohen loaded up with cash.

He made the Stormy Daniels payment out of this huge stash.

He still had some six hundred grand.  Why such a princely sum?

Did he know there were other gals he needed to keep mum?