Donald at the Bat – Day 472

Day 472  

What’s most important to the Donald?  Dominate the news,

In front page headlines, for his tweets or if somebody sues.

Say one thing; contradict it; be a lying horse’s ass.

As long as he’s the biggest, go ahead and call him crass.


We have to understand that is what matters most to him.

To get publicity, he’ll gladly go out on a limb.

He’ll even saw it off and trade a headline for a bruise,

Then say that Hillary’s to blame, thus adding to the ruse.


So, sex and lies and money: that’s just how the Donald rolls,

Whatever it may take to get an uptick in the polls.

Now some reporters say he even lies about his wealth.

To go to work for Donald Trump destroys your moral health.


The only ones who benefit: comedians and Press.

The rich are getting richer while the poor are left to guess

Will wages really start to rise?  Will rich folks keep them down?

Will robots take their jobs?  Will trickle down be yellow? Brown?