Donald at the Bat – Day 473

Day 473

Well, Rudy keeps on talking; Sarah Sanders doesn’t know;

And Donald keeps denying what he said on video.

His spokesmen say they trust him when they’re speaking on the news.

His statements or his contradictions?  They are free to choose.


Poor Rudy seems incompetent.  As Trump stepped on his dick,

His lawyer, Rudy, ran his mouth, each word a little nick

In Trump’s wall of denial in the Stormy Daniels case.

Does Rudy know the law and facts?  He’s not quite keeping pace.


We know that Rudy is like Donald; spotlights are their goal.

But Rudy hogging cameras puts the Donald in a hole.

When you’ve dug yourself in a hole, stop digging—sage advice.

But neither man can shut his mouth.  Now, what will be the price?


The Donald’s lies and sex affect one person more than most.

Observers say Trump’s marriage isn’t honey, rather toast.

The two lead separate lives, almost as if they’d built a wall,

A wall that Donald cannot scale, a wall he built too tall.


Melania shows her distaste for even holding hands.

Could separate bedrooms soon become two lives in separate lands?

And what of Barron, that poor boy, does he have friends at school?

Can he invite his classmates to come swim in daddy’s pool?


Melania is launching a new program of her own.

It deals with cyber bullying by those not yet fully grown.

There’s also opioids: some sixty thousand die each year.

Both children and adults involved, her program not yet clear.


As Donald muddles through affairs (of state,) his wife will try

To get some programs going that will help the “little guy.”

For cyber bullying and opioids must be addressed.

And, unlike tax cuts for the rich, hers is a noble quest.