Donald at the Bat – Day 474

Day 474

There’s turmoil in the White House over Giuliani’s blitz.

His friends who know him best all wonder if he’s lost his wits.

He came on board to guide the Donald safely past the shoals

But now it seems the Ship of State has even bigger holes.


To be a Trump apologist is tenuous, at best.

How long will Rudy last before he’s kicked out like the rest?

Like Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg, where thousands of men died,

In foolhardy battles, God is rarely on your side.


Since Rudy knows the Donald well, he must know Donald lies.

To get caught in this tangled web cannot be a surprise.

Whatever glory Rudy earned as Mayor of New York,

Will lose its fizz when Donald turns on him and blows his cork.


Trump’s pulling out of the Iran atomic deal today.

That’s no surprise, he said he would; John Bolton says, “Hooray!”

So now we’ll see what happens as Trump gets one more divorce.

He’s snapping back the economic sanctions with full force.


Though Trump gave lots of reasons, there were two he did not state.

The first: on any deal, Trump wants to renegotiate.

The second, most important one: Obama signed this deal.

A name that Trump wants to erase, with unabated zeal.


Though Britain France, and Germany all told Trump, “Don’t do this,”

Trump’s hatred for Obama drives him close to the abyss.

Trump signed his memorandum with a signature so large,

It makes you think Old Bone Spurs drew his sword and shouted, “Charge!”


Once more the Donald has confirmed he will not keep a deal.

Both friend and foe alike know his dishonesty is real.

How will what Trump undid today influence Kim Jong Un?

When he sups with the Donald will Kim ask for a long spoon? (1)


We know no one can trust the Donald: nations, banks, or wives.

With such a wild man in charge here, let’s hope the world survives.

We’ve given up trustworthiness we’ve built up over time

And slid from moral high ground down into the swampy slime.


And, adding to the distrust issue, Mueller has said, “No,”

Trump cannot answer written questions, can’t be a no-show.

He has to swear an oath in person and then testify.

There’s lots of things he’s said and done, he needs to clarify.


A shoe just dropped and hit the floor and made a thunderclap.

Mike Cohen got five hundred grand that stinks of Russian crap.

An oligarch gave Cohen (Trump?) this great big pile of cash

To pay off gals like Stormy (and some others?) from this stash.


  1. See Chaucer: The Squire’s Tale.  Commonly rendered from Old English as, “When you sup with the devil, use a long spoon.”