Donald at the Bat – Day 475

Day 475

The commentariat is standing both against and for

Trump’s action on Iran, some fearing it may lead to war.

Intelligence analysis shows that Iran complied.

Trump says this deal is awful, something he cannot abide.


But China, Russia, Britain, France, and Germany all stand

Together to support the deal, for they all understand

The deal was working to achieve its major, stated goals:

Iran won’t get an atom bomb and join the nuclear rolls.


The Michael Cohen slush fund that received five hundred K

From Vekselberg, the Russian, got a lot more, records say.

Novartis and AT&T, two US companies

Gave lots of dough.  What was it for? It looks a lot like sleaze.


Four point four million dollars wound up in the Cohen fund.

Some Russian, some American, reporters were just stunned.

Why were these funds deposited?  To whom did the cash go?

We’re sure Bob Mueller will find out.  He’s following the dough.


This looks a lot like pay to play or bribery, for short.

We’ll have a better handle when we see Mueller’s report.

AT&T wanted a merger, Trump said he opposed.

Will money they gave Mike make Trump more favorably disposed?


Since Cohen has no talents that Novartis needs to buy,

The same goes for AT&T; he’s not a software guy.

Add Vekselberg, the Russian; then ask what these three might want.

It’s access to the Donald: tickets through his confidante.


If Cohen was a funnel and the dollars went to Trump

To change his mind on something, will Mike Cohen be the chump

Who shoulders all the blame and does the time and doesn’t rat?

If he can help himself by flipping, most think he’ll do that.


The slush fund ties together Stormy and the “Russian Thing.”

So Mueller will push very hard to hear Mike Cohen sing.

Mike once said, “I would take a bullet for Trump.”  Here’s his chance.

Most pundits think he’ll reconsider when Bob says, “Let’s dance.”