Donald at the Bat – Day 476

Day 476

Kim just gave back three kidnap victims, gesture of goodwill.

So now his talks with Trump can start.  For Kim, it’s just a drill.

When he needs chips to bargain with, he kidnaps foreigners,

Demands concessions, gets them, then releases prisoners.


So, what concessions did Trump make?  He meets Kim face to face,

Denuclearization: topic, Singapore: the place.

Kim thinks that meeting face to face brings glory to his name.

For him the talks are partly serious and partly game.


Kim is a big time narcissist; for Trump the same is true.

To dominate press coverage is what both will try to do.

Kim wants to be a player; Donald wants a Nobel Prize.

So each of them will try to cut the other down to size.


Both Kim and Trump must know by now that anyone who tries

To make a deal with either one should be prepared for lies.

We know that Trump won’t keep a deal; his whole life tells us so.

And Kim’s word is worth even less.  These talks might be for show.


It’s now become apparent that the Cohen fund was slush.

The money came and went and only part told Stormy, “Hush.”

So, who got what and who gave what?  Bob Mueller wants to know.

Does Donald wonder now: will Cohen switch from friend to foe?


Mike Pence was interviewed today and said it’s time to stop

Investigating Donald.  Does Pence fear what else might drop?

Pence chaired the Trump transition team.  How much does the Veep know?

While he backs Donald faithfully, we all watch his nose grow.


An alligator in Trump’s swamp bit Giuliani’s nuts.

He just resigned from his law firm.  Do they think he’s a putz?

Another colleague bites the dust; you work for Trump. you pay.

Though Rudy was a prosecutor, now he’s turned to prey.