Donald at the Bat – Day 477

quare, Jerusalem,

Enraging Palestinians by our insult to them.


Three thousand years ago, King David took Jerusalem.

Then every Middle Eastern kingdom since succeeded him.

The Golden City of the Jews is back in Jewish hands,

Their capital forever, in the midst of Muslim lands.


Apparently, the Donald threw a great big hissy fit

And Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Secretary, almost quit,

For Trump berated her for immigration policy

And problems Congress has not fixed; she got the third degree.


And Trump’s vulgarity just led one White house aide to say,

McCain opposes Gina Haspel since she won’t repent

For torturing she supervised, he won’t give his consent.

Such cavalier dismissal, as a hero nears his end,

Reflects Trump’s poor example, caring not whom they offend.

For Trump insulted John before and did not pay a price,

So, why can’t Kelly Sadler, when the Donald thrives on strife?


The Donald likes “Old Hickory,” the courage he displayed.  (1)

But Donald Trump, “Old Bone Spurs,” spent his war years getting laid.

Insulting John McCain, a tortured prisoner of war,

Is simply worse than anything we’ve ever seen before.


Campaigning, Trump condemned corruption in his diatribes

But basically he meant that he would centralize the bribes.

Mike Cohen’s company would serve as Trump’s specific tool.

Drain all the creatures in the swamp into Trump’s swimming pool.


  1.  “Old Hickory,” President Andrew Jackson, Trump’s favorite