Donald at the Bat – Day 480 (no 478 & 479)

Day 480

Our embassy was opened in Jerusalem today

To words of joy and anger: Hallelujah!  Oy Weh!

First Jared gave a little speech, then Bibi said a prayer,

While, at the Gaza border, smoke and death flew through the air.


Another sign of conflict was the preachers that Trump sent,

They had condemned non-Christians but they prayed at this event.

Our embassy, Jerusalem, and men who hate the Jews

And Muslims, even Mormons, what strange “diplomats” to choose.


The peace talks over borders and a state of Palestine

Are basically defunct, which to hardliners is just fine.

Both sides envision the land “from the river to the sea,”

As borders for a single state, which theirs alone would be.


Hamas knew that their Gaza protests would cost many lives.

With several dozen killed today, this confrontation drives

The hatred between Palestinians and Israel.

It’s hard to think that all this strife could ever turn out well.


So far, the White House blames Hamas.  That’s not true everywhere.

The Europeans urge restraint.  We don’t see any there

By either Israel or Hamas, who think that they will win

A PR war and thus escape the hell they’re living in.  


In news that’s likely better, Kim Jong Un, without a fight,

Announced he would dismantle his atomic testing site.

Trump tweeted that was “gracious,” not a word that most would choose

Describing Kim, the murderer, for quoting on the news.


And in a strange reversal, Trump has tweeted ZTE,

The Chinese giant telecom firm, punished recently

For doing business with the North Koreans and Iran,

Which Trump said was a “no-no,” but says now he’ll lift the ban..


I guess Trump thinks our punishment had simply worked too well.

Apparently Xie called him up and rang the Donald’s bell.

So Trump won’t punish China.  (He still makes some products there.)

But other countries must observe the ban.  Somehow, that’s “fair.”


Apparently the Donald frets about the Cohen “raids,”

At least a dozen times a day, haranguing all his aides.

Apparently he frets about the woes of both his boys:

Both Jared and Don Junior, more than others he employs.


But Rudy Giuliani said that Donald did not know

Whom Michael Cohen had as clients, or of the cash flow

From corporations mentioned by the standard Fake News sites.

The Donald has stayed clean and pure.  Forget what Fake News writes.


Melania had a procedure: kidney embolized,

To treat a lesion that’s benign, or so we’ve been apprised.

So far her doctors tell us the procedure went just fine.

We hope for her that all is well, the lesion is benign.