Donald at the Bat – Day 481

Day 481

Now Israel is seventy.  In nineteen forty eight

It won its war of independence and became a state.

For Palestinians, the Nakba, the catastrophe,

When some were forced out of their homes and others chose to flee.


The UN voted for two states but Arabs chose to fight,

Attacking from the North and East and South with all their might.

Their goal: annihilation, drive the Jews into the sea

But Israel hung on to win as all can plainly see.


The Arabs tried and tried again and lost more land each time.

For many, Israel’s existence constitutes a crime.

The West Bank is disputed land for over fifty years

And Palestinians who live there still weep bitter tears.


Our Embassy is in Jerusalem since yesterday.

The Gazans and the West Bank Arabs show their rage today.

For Gaza is a prison and the West Bank is Swiss cheese,  

Poked full of Jewish settlements; peace now in the deep freeze.


The White House is disturbed by leaks, not insults to McCain.

Trump called the leakers “traitors.”  He is clearly under strain.

When you’re a preening narcissist, you lose the common touch,

Disloyalty the greatest sin, crass rudeness, not so much.


So Donald won’t apologize, insulting John McCain

Is fine with him, his standard style, for he likes raising cain.

Apology shows weakness; it is worse than being wrong.

(If we compare Trump and McCain, it’s John McCain who’s strong.)


Mike Pence has been obsequious, but did he calculate

That he could work behind the scenes?  For many speculate

He’s going behind Donald’s back to steal the RNC,

In case he should take over if there is a vacancy.


Though Pence’s nose is clearly brown, he might be gaining power.

Is Donald catching on?  Is Pence’s treacle turning sour?

Most foreign leaders, like Mike Pence, play Trump with a straight face.

Can Donald figure all this out and keep Mike in his place?


And Donald’s flip flop on the Chinese giant, ZTE,

Is now becoming clearer for he cut a deal with Xie,

Who just bought in to Trump’s project—hotel in a theme park,

So these two scratched each other’s back.  It’s now out of the dark.


This deal with Trump’s hotel and ZTE just reeks with sleaze.

Reviewing Donald’s history, it’s standard Trump disease.

Is this deal an emolument?  Will Congress get engaged?

If Hillary had done this, you bet they’d be enraged.


We’ve learned that Trump talks with Sean Hannity before bedtime.

They do it every evening in Trump’s cheeseburger time.

Cheeseburgers and Fox News philosophy put Trump to bed,

To dream of angels flapping right wings, circling his head.

Flash!  North Korea cancelled its next meeting with the South

And threatens Trump’s June summit.  That is straight from Kim’s big mouth.

This is a big surprise to all; so now the dance begins.

Did Kim think he would start by kicking Donald in the shins?


Perhaps we should not be surprised.  Kim’s testing where he stands.

He got  to where he is today with bombs—he understands.

He wants to see how Trump plays his hand after he’s been raised.

What does Trump do when smacked around instead of being praised?