Donald at the Bat – Day 482

Day 482

Kim understands what happened when Libya disarmed—

Qaddafi overthrown and killed—he’s naturally alarmed.

If Kim denukes completely and must stand there in the nude,

When dealing with the Donald, Kim knows that he’ll be screwed.  


For Trump is asking Kim to journey down a one-way street

That leads to stormy weather, which for Kim is not a treat.

So Kim is telling Donald to “Go, pack your bags; get out!”

It’s crazy to leave Donald Trump the only guy with clout.


In past talks with Iran, we did not ask for everything.

Obama made good progress which, for Donald, is a sting.

Obama’s legacy is something Donald cannot face.

So he will blow up everything, leave nothing in its place.


Obama slowed iran way down, their progress toward the bomb

Was halted for at least ten years.  Trump came in with napalm

And burned up everything Obama did, so now we’ll see

If Trump builds something better.  So far there is just debris.


The Trump financial forms for twenty seventeen are out.

He paid Mike Cohen back for Stormy Daniels; there’s no doubt.

That means both he and Cohen lied about who finally paid

To cover up the porn star tryst when Donald Trump got laid.


The timing also makes it clear it was for Trump’s campaign

That Mike paid Stormy Daniels to make sure that she’d refrain

From telling everybody she was Donald’s piece of ass,

Offending Donald’s voters, which might make them take a pass.


And that would clearly violate the campaign finance law.

When Stormy Daniels took off both her panties and her bra,

The Donald screwed himself when he paid for the NDA,

Which was a cover-up and crime we recognize today.


Don Junior’s testimony on the meeting in Trump Tower

Shows very clearly that he tried a few times in the hour

To get the Russians to cough up the evidence they had

To compromise poor Hillary, and give it to his dad.


They did not do it right away but, not surprisingly,

The emails started showing up—-coincidentally?

The Russians hacked the DNC and then used WikiLeaks

To dump them, helping Trump’s campaign.  Collusion here just reeks.


It’s something everybody recognizes, except Trump.

Collusion with the Russians and the payoff for the hump

Have Donald in hot water, breaking laws, not just for lies.

Are Donald’s hemorrhoids itching as the truth starts to arise?


Conspiracy needs a proposal and then just one act

To further the conspiracy; that is the legal fact.

The Trump Tower meeting with the Russians fills in both these blanks.

You don’t have to succeed, just try.  Bob Mueller sends his thanks.