Donald at the Bat – Day 483

Day 483

The Donald’s finance forms show tens of millions pouring in

And tens of thousands pouring out for gals with whom he’s been.

He’s paid out several hundred grand for sex had on the side.

Does Donald think this sex is wrong, it’s something he should hide?


In troupes of chimpanzees, the biggest male gets all the sex

And even kills some of the babies if he just suspects

Another male has fathered them; his genes must dominate.

Chimpanzee males all fight to earn the right to fornicate.


We humans are the distant cousins of the chimpanzees.

Our narcissistic, richest males are dipping their wee wees

In many women all the time but not to reproduce.

And some, like Trump pay lots of dough to play it fast and loose.


Is Donald a good businessman?  He pays a lot for sex.

A hundred grand a poke, to some reporters just reflects

That Donald can’t negotiate, so when he faces Kim

We should be pretty nervous that we trust our fate to him.


Let’s all wish Robert Mueller, “Happy Anniversary!”

He’s done so much in just one year, Trump’s term’s in jeopardy.

Though Trump says otherwise, we see collusion peeking through.

We’ve learned whatever Trump denies, the opposite is true.


The President marked Mueller’s year repeating, “A witch hunt!”

We know that witches don’t exist, that Trump likes to confront

His legal troubles with invective, bullying, bombast,

But Mueller’s tougher and he’s honest.  We’re sure he will last.


And now we learn the son-in-law of Manafort has flipped.

Well, actually the former son-in-law.  Had he been gypped?

What does he know of Manafort’s finances overseas?

And Trump and Russians and collusion and assorted sleaze?


Now Rudy Giuliani has just run his mouth again.

He claims that getting dirt from Russians should not be a sin.

First, everybody does it and Trump did not use their dirt.

But Rudy—WikiLeaks?  Trump used that. Hillary was hurt.


Are all latinos in MS 13?  Trump must think so.

He brings up MS 13 when discussing Mexico.

He says that “They are animals.”  To whom did he refer?

To MS 13?  To latinos?  Both? I must demur.


And Michael Avenatti, Stormy’s lawyer dropped a bomb.

More paid-off women called him up.  Can Donald Trump stay calm?

Has Michael Cohen covered up the payments that Trump made?

Were more bank records falsified?  Should both guys be afraid?


Now Qatar has just joined the ranks of China’s ZTE.

It looks like they’re investing in a troubled company.

Whose company?  It’s Kushner’s, and Trump switched sides in a war.

To make some money for the family, that’s what his job’s for.


We used to back the Saudis in their blockade of Qatar.

We said all kinds of nasty things.  The flip-flop is bizarre.

For when Qatar said they’d invest in Jerrod’s property,

The Donald said that he would switch our foreign policy.


And then, of course, Trump’s Tower in Moscow, which he had pursued.

In summer, 2016.  Guys that Putin used and screwed

Poor Hillary with emails that they dumped through WikiLeaks,

Were working with Trump on this deal.  Once more, collusion reeks.