Donald at the Bat – Day 998, Impeachment Blues (parody to Folsom Prison Blues)

Day 998, Impeachment Blues  (1) 


I hear those whistles blowin’,

Malfeasance closin’ in.

And I ain’t had no good news

Since I don’t know when.

With Congress holdin’ hearings,

Rats come to testify.

As facts keep pilin’ higher,

I hang my head and cry.


When I was just a young man,

My father told me, “Son,

“It’s easy to rob people

“And you won’t need a gun.

“Just don’t pay your contractors

“When bills are coming due.

“Although you signed a contract,

“Tell them they’ll have to sue.”


Guitar solo:

“There is little chance of prison,

“Although you may pay some fines,

“Then just pick up your crayons,

“And draw outside all the lines.”

That’s how I ran my business;

That’s how I’ll always be.

But now I face impeachment

And that’s what tortures me.


Guitar solo:


The rich are getting richer

‘Cause they got a big tax break.

But, if I show my taxes,

You will see that they’re all fake.

The Senate and the Christians

Don’t mind that I have lied,

Then I screwed Kurdish allies,

Now no one’s on my side.


(1)  May be sung to: Folsom Prison Blues, written by Johnny Cash in 1953 and first recorded in 1955.  His most well-known recording of it was live at Folsom Prison in 1968.  Cash “borrowed” the melody and some of the lyrics from Crescent City Blues, by Gordon Jenkins, (1953) who in turn “borrowed” his melody from the instrumental, Crescent City Blues of Little Brother Montgomery written in the 1930s in New Orleans.  Cash eventually paid Jenkins $75,000 for “adapting” his song without permission.  Sort of reminds us of Donald, doesn’t it?