Donald at the Bat – Day 997, The Donald Trump Lullaby (parody of I’m So Lonely, I Could Cry)

Day 997, The Donald Trump Lullaby  (1) 


We’ve heard another whistle blow,

Exposing one more lie.

Support for Trump is sinking low.

We hang our heads and cry.


Subpoenas raining from a cloud,

Impeachment drawing nigh,

And condemnation growing loud,

We ask, “Who’s next to fry?”


With two of Rudy’s henchmen nabbed

When just about to fly,

We wonder who else might have blabbed

To implicate our guy?


And now Fox News hears Donald’s screams

And makes us want to die.

A nightmare poll to haunt Trump’s dreams.

That’s Donald’s lullaby.


(1)  See, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” 1949, by Hank Williams, Sr.  Suggested chords, key of E or key of C, depending on your vocal range.  As Harlan Howard once said of country music: “Three chords and the truth.”