Donald at the Bat – Day 992, Great and Unmatched Wisdom

Day 992, Great and Unmatched Wisdom


In Trump’s “great and unmatched wisdom,”

He’s abandoning the Kurds.

Only unmatched egotism

Would let him tweet out such words.

Kurds fought with us ‘gainst ISIS.

We destroyed their Caliphate.

Now, an existential crisis:

Trump will leave them to their fate.


Trump called Erdogan in Turkey,

(The dictator of the Turks,)

One whose morals are quite murky,

We know just how his mind works.

He thinks all the Kurds are traitors,

For they don’t want Turkish rule.

He’ll feed them to alligators

And now Donald is his tool.


After just one conversation,

Two dictators on the phone,

And no further consultation,

Donald acted on his own,

Told the world, “We’re leaving Syria,

“Where we never should have been.”

Thus creating mass hysteria,

Letting Turks come pouring in.


Trump is used to screwing others:

Business partners or Playmate.

He can’t think of Kurds as brothers;

Faithful allies do not rate.

But now, even Lindsey Graham

Says Trump went too far this time,

For he sees the coming mayhem

As a genocidal crime.


This will mean no one can trust us

In agreements that we make.

Donald has no sense of justice;

He wants all the chocolate cake.

Donald shows he likes fascism;

Autocrats should have their way.

In his “great and unmatched wisdom,”

Trump just throws the Kurds away.