Donald at the Bat – Day 993, Cooperation, No Cooperation

Day 993, Cooperation, No Cooperation 


The Turks attacked in Syria, just like we knew they would.

It could be ethnic cleansing of a Kurdish neighborhood.

The Turks say Kurds are terrorists.  (They don’t like Erdogan.)

Trump told our troops, “Withdraw,” and let the slaughtering go on.


Trump tweeted, he does not “endorse” the current Turk attack.

Although he did not say that they should pull their forces back.

And he’s invited Erdogan to come to Washington.

So, “Bye, bye, Kurds.  Thanks for your help with ISIS, but we’re done.”


Did two Trump towers in Istanbul influence Donald’s plan?

For Trump knows damn well that, in Turkey, Erdogan’s the man.

In 2015, Donald said his towers made him feel

A bit conflicted.  So, did Erdogan bring up their deal?


Will Trump lose heaven’s mandate as Pat Robertson just said?

When Erdogan attacks, then Arab Christians will be dead.

But Ralph Reed said that evangelicals must stick with Trump.

Does he regard dead Arab Christians as a small speed bump?


Meanwhile, back home, Trump has announced he won’t cooperate

With the impeachment inquiry; his credo: obstipate.

He won’t give Congress anything that they request from him.

That’s pretty standard Trumpist style; the battle will be grim.


Trump says the Constitution won’t allow this inquiry.

He cannot be investigated; that is treachery.

Trump’s BS over time is clearly evolutional.

His problem is: impeachment’s clearly constitutional.


The Constitution cannot be unconstitutional

But Donald’s lawyers certainly can be irrational.

They’ve said in Nixon’s case that the Supreme Court got it wrong

When they told Dick, “Give up the tapes,” (and Nixon said, “So long.”)


So, Trump’s position will remain: do not cooperate.

His lawyers will do everything they can to obfuscate.

The Middle East, Ukraine, and Russia: all a total mess.

When will we hear another whistle?  We can only guess.