Donald at the Bat – Day 991, Trump’s Taxes

Day 991, Trump’s Taxes 


A judge told Donald, “Give New York your income tax returns.

“The law says they may see them.”  How the Donald’s anus burns.

Of course, Trump said he would appeal; the court gave him some time.

Resist, delay: Trump’s actions say he needs to hide a crime.


It must be mighty serious, the way that Donald fights.

He’s desperate to keep all his taxes far from legal lights.

So many things he might be hiding: speculation wild.

Mike Cohen said there’s lots of fraud in papers Donald filed.


Inflating his net worth when he applied to get a loan,

But then, for taxes, Trump would sink his net worth like a stone.

And, for these loans, did Donald have cosigners like “The Czar?”

For even Donald’s base might find such cosigners bizarre.


How long can Donald Trump delay?  It’s pretty clear he’ll lose.

“You can’t investigate me, “ Donald says.  We know that’s just a ruse.

So, when the last court tells him that he can no longer stall,

Will Donald then defy those courts, another type of wall?


Since Trump must think his taxes hurt his re-election chance,

(We’ll see him as the Emperor parading without pants,)

And who he’ll likely face is changing rapidly each day,

For Bernie had a heart attack and Joe has feet of clay.


So, here comes Lizzie Warren and the bankers start to sweat.

They’re all for honest government but maybe not quite yet.

For Lizzie wants to tax their wealth (which they want to increase.)

She’s on the side of common folks, whom they still want to fleece.