Donald at the Bat – Day 990, Whistles and Flags

Day 990, Whistles and Flags 


The refs are blowing whistles and one more just threw a flag.

The only thing surprising is: there was a three year lag.

There are infractions every play and Donald is to blame.

The only question is: will he be thrown out of the game?


Trump dumped all his good players; now he’s left with sycophants.

The only play they know is dousing fires in his pants.

And some are just as bad as Trump; Steve Miller comes to mind.

And William Barr is up there too and now Bill’s in a bind.


Impeachment is quite likely but conviction, much less so.

The red state senators fear Donald’s base, as we all know.

They also fear the Donald’s tweets, which cut and stab like knives.

He’s called the whistleblowers, “spies,” thus threatening their lives.


America, our soul’s on trial, Judgment Day in store,

Democracy?  Autocracy? We’re in a culture war.

We fought a Civil War before, then over slavery.

But issues now are more complex: law, ethics, honesty.


By riding in on tribalism, Trump swept into power.

And he will keep on riding it, until his final hour.

To Donald, truth means nothing, it is just what he can sell.

And, if enough will buy a lie, then that is what he’ll tell.


America, our soul’s on trial; Judgment Day awaits.

And, once we’ve sold our souls away, we can’t count on rebates.

“An existential crisis,” said by some, and clearly true.

Historians may ask, “Just what the hell did these folks do?”