Donald at the Bat – Day 989, Impeachment Time

Day 989, Impeachment Time 


It’s looking like impeachment time

For Trump, Pompeo, Pence, and Barr.

Not only slime but actual crime

By those who follow Donald’s star.


For Trump, the case is easiest;

His crimes are public, rude, and crude.

He’s just like an ecdysiast,

The Emperor, parading nude.


And William Barr could make you scream.

He lied about the Mueller probe.

Could he have joined the Russian team,

As he goes hopping ‘round the globe?


Barr covers up all Trump’s misdeeds

Which he will not investigate.

Trump breaks the law and Barr accedes.

It’s even worse than Watergate.


And Mike Pompeo follows suit,

Though showing signs of stomach ache.

Trump’s power should be absolute;

The laws are there for him to break.


Mike helped the Donald squeeze Ukraine,

Misrepresenting what he knew.

He treats subpoenas with disdain,

As all of Donald’s toadies do.


And now we come to poor Mike Pence,

The Donald’s loyal sycophant.

For years, his ignorance defense

Made Mike look like a potted plant.


But now Trump implicated Mike

In putting pressure on Ukraine.

Will we see Mike’s head on a pike?

Is Mike Pence circling the drain?