Donald at the Bat – Day 988, “Russia, If You’re Listening”

Day 988, “Russia, If You’re Listening” 


First, “Russia, if you’re listening…” Trump asked back in ’16.

“Please find some Clinton emails.”  It’s a famous TV scene.

And Vladimir was listening; they hacked the DNC,

Then dumped their hacks through WikiLeaks, for all the world to see.


Trump trumpeted their findings, as his rally-goers cheered.

Through Russian hacks and WikiLeaks, poor Hillary was smeared.

When Trump won the election, Putin held the debt he owed,

For that’s not all the Russians did, as Robert Mueller showed.


Now Donald will replay the game, this year, 2019.

And, it’s Ukraine on whom the Donald now decides to lean.

They need our arms and money to fight Russians, as we know.

Trump told Zelensky on the phone, “I need a favor, though.”


And what’s the favor?  Dig up dirt on Biden, Trump can use

To win the next election, which the polls show Trump might lose.

Since Biden beats Trump easily, Trump fibrillates with fear.

So, naturally, it would be Biden, Trump has picked to smear.


Trump has turned Giuliani loose; his mission was to show

That Ukraine framed the Russians, which is nonsense, as we know.

He dug and dug for dirt on Joe (with all his work debunked,)

It’s such a cockamamie scheme, it soon should be defunct.


So, Donald upped the ante and he’s asked the Chinese in.

Could they investigate Joe Biden and help Trump to win?

Trump seems to think committing crimes in public is OK,

Like, “Russia, are you listening…” (with which he got away.)


To ask for foreign help in our elections is a crime.

But Trump has shown that he’ll do anything at any time.

If Congress won’t impeach him, then he’ll join the autocrats.

Republicans don’t seem to mind; it’s up to Democrats.