Donald at the Bat – Day 987, Hark! The Donald Sent A Tweet (parody to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing)

Day 987, Hark!  The Donald sent a tweet (1)


Hark! The Donald sent a tweet.

Is he typing with his feet?

Such misspellings, grammar poor,

Problems for his enemies,

Sinking his White which there’s no cure.

Trump attacks  House in sleaze.

Trump’s own mind is his worst curse,

For he always makes things worse.

Hark!  The Donald sent a tweet.

Could he have been born in Crete?


Trump tried to extort Ukraine,

Reaping hemorrhoidal pain.

Behind Biden in the polls,

No help yet from Russian trolls.

Trump’s extortion had this flavor—

Screw Joe Biden as a favor,

Then we’ll help with your defense,

Clear enough, unless you’re dense.

Trump tried to extort Ukraine.

All the evidence is plain.


Now, the Donald doubled down,

Just as he was leaving town.

He is asking the Chinese

Also to join in the sleaze.

First Ukraine and now it’s China,

(Not just some porn star’s vagina.)

Adam Schiff has Trump’s jockstrap.

Mike Pence put on his dunce cap.

Now, the Donald doubled down.

Time to run him out of town.


(1)  May be sung to Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, 1739, original lyrics by Charles Wesley and melody by Felix Mendelsohn.