Donald at the Bat – Day 986, The Four Horsemen

Day 986, The Four Horsemen


It’s Trump, Guiliani, Pompeo, and Barr,

Four horsemen now tearing Democracy down.

They’ve ridden a long way but who knows how far,

Until, tarred and feathered, they’re run out of town.


Trump wants to be king; there’s no doubt about that.

And Rudy’s his lawyer, by some happenstance.

Bill Barr is his Roy Cohn, his fat Cheshire Cat.

Last horseman, Pompeo, in this circumstance.



It’s Donald and Rudy and Willie and Mike,

All lying and breaking the law.

The Democrats hope that they’ll all take a hike,

First Trump, then his ménage a trois.


When you ask them questions, they’ll all tell you lies.

And when they’re not lying, they dodge and evade.


His ménage will follow when Donald defies

The Congress, subpoenas; they’ve all disobeyed.


Trump’s disintegration, alarming to see,

Unquestioned support one cannot brush aside.

With Rudy, it’s simple; he’s nuts as can be.

But Barr and Pompeo?  Their ethics have died.


Chorus:  It’s Donald and Rudy….


And now we have learned Pence has talked to Ukraine;

As usual, Mike Pence said he was unaware

He was being used in Trump’s smear campaign,

Thus making him part of this sordid affair.



It’s Donald and Rudy and Willie and Mike,

And Mike Pence, all breaking the law.

Will all of their heads soon wind up on a spike?

And will this be Trump’s last hurrah?