Donald at the Bat – Day 978, The UN Address

Day 978, The UN Address 

Trump went to New York to give an address

Of pure jingoism to the UN.

“America first,” no one had to guess;

That’s Trump’s position and has always been.


Trump called out China; he called out Iran.

They’re misbehaving; he’ll bring them to heel.

With tariffs and power, Trump is the man.

Will he use “his” army to seal the deal?


If you seek asylum, do not come here.

We’re building a wall; we’re slamming the door.

Who cares if you’re starving, living in fear?

Be huddled masses on some other shore.


Combat socialists; don’t let them compete.

Socialists spreading just like a disease.

They’re an epidemic we must defeat.

Threat to his profits makes Trump ill at ease.


And, on global warming?  That subject ignored.

(Fossil fuel company profits come first.)

Science and evidence?  Trump’s not aboard.

He sings the old songs, well-paid, well-rehearsed.


Academic elites and socialists

Both threaten to take our freedoms away.

It’s nationalists and not globalists

That make the world great.  Now, have a nice day.