Donald at the Bat – Day 977, A Reprise

Day 977, A Reprise 


If Trump should break another law,

There is a pattern we have seen

To make us doubt what we all saw

As we observed the passing scene.


The strategy is first: deny;

What you just saw, Trump did not do.

Deny as long as it will fly

And when it won’t, that is the cue


To move on to divert, deflect.

Just change the subject for the press.

Magicians learn to misdirect.

“Where is that coin?  You’ll have to guess.”


Diversion is a useful tool.

It sparkles bright as morning dew,

A brilliant, multi-colored jewel,

Until, of course, the bill comes due.        


Trump tries deny; he tries divert;

The next step is to just admit.

Let Rudy Giuliani blurt,

“Trump did it but, who gives a shit?”


So Trump admits, then says, “So what?”

“I’m president; you can’t touch me.”

‘Til someone kicks him in the gut,

Once more, he’ll get away scot-free.


This time Trump tried to use Ukraine

To help him win by finding sleaze

On Biden to hurt Joe’s campaign.

Will this just be one more reprise?


We know that Trump’s the crook of crooks

And Democrats are ‘fraidy cats.”

Together in the history books:

The crook and timid Democrats.