Donald at the Bat – Day 979, Quid pro Quo

Day 979, Quid pro Quo 


“Just what is quid pro quo,” you ask.

Well, think of it as “this for that.”

You ask me for a little task;.

Meanwhile, you hold a baseball bat.


There is no need for talking tough

And we don’t need to sign a deal.

The bat you hold is quite enough;

We both know how it makes me feel.


Or, say you have a pile of cash.

It’s money that you know I need.

That cash can function as a lash,

If you’re the one through whom it’s freed.


Once more, no deal that we must sign,

No paper trail shows we were there.

Somehow our purposes align.

“Collusion?” you ask.  “When and where?”


Let’s say you wear a low cut dress,  (1)

Lean over, cleavage clearly viewed.

You know damn well that makes me guess,

How you might look if you were nude.


And then you ask, “A favor, please…”

With faintest Mona Lisa smile.

No documented trail of sleaze,

No quid pro quo, you just beguile.


So, quid pro quo may be direct.

Two parties write it down and sign.

Or quid pro quo is indirect.

But indirect is not benign.


(1)  Not Trump. The metaphor has shifted, a woman.