Donald at the Bat – Day 974, Environmental Day

Day 974, Environmental Day


Today’s Environmental Day

With demonstrations everywhere.

The enemy?  Our EPA

And folks the Donald put in there.

Attacks aimed at the Golden State

For having tough emissions rules

Show Donald wants to abrogate

All anti-global warming tools.


To understand what motivates

The Donald to make him attack,

Obama’s dark skin aggravates

Trump like sitting on a tack.

Did Correspondent’s Dinner jest  (1)

Obama poked at Donald, spur

The Donald’s vow to do his best

To blot out Barack’s signature?


The Golden State commits the crime

Of being liberal; that’s well-known.

So Donald Trump spends lots of time

In raining hellfire and brimstone.

And Donald does not understand

That we are causing climate change.

His only interest is his brand.

All scientists give him the mange.


This land is your land;

This land is my land,

From California

To the New York island.  (2)

We must not boil it;

We must not spoil it,

This land that has been home to you and me.


(1)  Washington Correspondents’ Dinner, 2011.  Look it up; it’s hilarious.

(2)  Woody Guthrie, lyrics written in 1940.  He used an old Carter Family melody to create one of America’s most famous folk songs