Donald at the Bat – Day 975, What’s Wrong With The Republicans?

Day 975, What’s Wrong With the Republicans? 


What’s wrong with the Republicans, denying climate change?.

The data are so crystal-clear; their attitude is strange.

In thrall to oil companies, they show us they’ve been bought.

And, what is more perplexing still: they don’t mind if they’re caught.


They also serve the NRA, no cause to regulate.

Mass shootings, suicides, and murders make our country great.

The data also crystal-clear, just regulate the gun

And many fewer folks will die from hate, despair, or fun.


Why is white, Christian privilege what Republicans preserve?

Why should it be white Christian men Republicans all serve?

What is it that Republicans fear from diversity?

(And they lose votes from graduates of university.)


So, education, science, and diversity, all these

Now strike the GOP as an insidious disease.

They try to immunize themselves when they suppress the vote.

But they know they are drowning and are on a sinking boat.


As Charles Darwin noted, many species go extinct.

The GOP hates Darwin too, but let us be succinct.

Those species who do not adapt to new environments

Will disappear from populations (and from governments.)


Conservatism might be maladaptive for today

Are liberals more suitable to dine at a buffet?

This poly ethnic, poly lingual world: reality

Demands we change along with it or we are history.


So, if the GOP should die, no need to shed a tear.

From, “nature, red in tooth and claw,” the judgment is severe.  (1)

For aging maladaptive species who refuse to change,

All fossilize, becoming mastodon bones on the range.


(1)  “Nature, red in tooth and claw,” Alfred, Lord Tennyson, In Memoriam, A.H.H. 1850.