Donald at the Bat – Day 973, Another Broken Law

Day 973, Another Broken Law 


The Trump Administration has just broken one more law,

That whistleblowers who allege a serious, urgent flaw,

Must be referred to Congress to investigate the claim.

The DNI has told them, “No,” and thus begins the game.


The law says, “….shall” turn over, and there is no wiggle room.

The DNI has wiggled though.  Could this spell Donald’s doom?

It seems there were some phone calls—Trump: some foreign potentates,

Where Trump said something scary, an official now relates.


We know the Trump Administration broke some laws before.

The general impression is, they’re rotten to the core.

Withholding Donald’s taxes after Congress asked for them

Is just one more example that the voters must condemn.


And Cory Lewandowski, Donald’s former campaign czar,

Showed his contempt for Congress and the press is just bizarre.

When he was proven to have lied on MSNBC,

He said he had no obligation to speak truthfully.


So Donald and his minions all say “F U,” to the press.

And they stonewall the Congress; claims of “privilege” are BS.

What if the courts tell Donald, “No,” an order he defies?

Or if “his” courts should rule for Trump and thus enshrine his lies?


In either case, democracy is up against the wall.

Trump’s bid to be an autocrat, by now is clear to all.

Right wingers seem just fine with this, but should their asses itch?

Once Trump has all the power, might he leave them in a ditch?