Donald at the Bat – Day 972, California’s Environmental Regulations

Day 972, California’s Environmental Regulations 


Trump’s after California; that’s the state he lost the worst,

Their car exhaust emissions, that Trump’s going after first.

The stringent regulations, out there in the Golden State,

Trump says that he will loosen, just to show the king is great.


He says they’re bad for business, but car makers all object.

They’ll keep the regulations, for they’ve had a good effect.

Besides, the air is cleaner; that is what the science shows.

Trump disapproves of science, contradicting what he “knows.”


It was way back under Nixon, Congress passed the Clean Air Act,

Which made with California an unprecedented pact.

For, they could ask permission to increase the stringency

Of auto regulations.  Trump now tweets, “I disagree.”


And then, of course, Obama, how his name infuriates!

He tightened regulations and we know the Donald hates

Most every regulation that was signed by that black man.

For spite, Trump overturns them, dumping them in his trash can.


And then, the Californians stuck their thumb in Donald’s eye.

They voted big for Clinton, just like that Obama guy.

Another motivation: and it’s simple; pure revenge.

You can’t say, “No,” to Donald, an insult he must avenge.


In spite of all the science and in spite of all the facts,

It’s vengefulness explaining Trump’s environmental acts.

His motives—stupid, petty, but by now we’re used to that.

Can we survive the Donald, as he wrecks our habitat?