Donald at the Bat – Day 971, Who’s Running This Place?

Day 971, Who’s Running This Place? 


We know that Putin must have something on the president.

For, every time that Putin speaks Trump gives his meek assent.

And what does MBS use: figs, dates, carrots, camel lash?

Well, Trump told us directly; MBS pays him in cash.  (1)


Now, MBS and Putin both have Donald on a string

For, we have not seen Trump oppose these two on anything.

Will Trump attack Iran if MBS should ask him to?

(Because Iran just cut the Saudi oil exports in two.)


The Donald is in thrall to foreign despots; that is plain,

The GOP in thrall to Trump: America in pain.

So we must ask, “Who is in charge of Donald Trump’s morass?”

I’d hate to think that Trump’s inhaling Putin’s natural gas.


And so far, Putin’s winning; the EU is just a mess.

And MBS is doing well: no Mideast peace process.

America is losing, isolated more each day.

No one respects the Donald, who gave our prestige away.


And Donald Trump has done his damnest, trying to obstruct

All efforts to find out who made our country self-destruct.

Democracy is fading fast; is it a dinosaur?

(Decisions to be made by MBS and Russian czar?)


(1)  Trump has said on numerous occasions that the Saudis patronize his establishments, buy his properties, and that they pay cash.  Why wouldn’t he like them?