Donald at the Bat – Day 970, Donald’s Via Dolorosa (no Day 968 & 969)

Day 970, Donald’s Via Dolorosa


Someone has launched a drone attack on Saudi oil fields.

Now we await the crisis that this provocation yields.

Trump tweets that he is “locked and loaded.”  Whom should he attack?

Trump wants to bomb Iran but what if he should hit Iraq


Oil prices took a jump today; the Dow Jones took a hit.

Some five percent of world supply pumps prices quite a bit.

We know that Trump likes MBS, who feeds Trump’s bottom line

But, will we go to war for him, Trump’s personal gold mine? 


Perhaps related, General Motors workers are on strike.

They’re moving plants to Mexico, which Donald does not like.

He said he’s bringing jobs back home; as usual that’s not true:

Oil prices up, plants closing, workers job in deep doo doo.


Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh has popped back in the news.

Corroborating witnesses weren’t called for interviews.

Two dozen people said that they would come and testify

But they were never interviewed.  Reporters now ask, “Why?”


 So, Mideast war, a GM strike, of course, Brett Kavanaugh,

All challenge Donald’s leadership and knowledge of the law.

To make war, he needs Congress; what if Kavanaugh has lied?

Will Donald run this by his base, to keep them satisfied.


With all the problems Donald has, ought he to be impeached?

It seems the time has come that this Leviathan is beached.

We know Republicans won’t act, but let’s force them to vote.

Will they support corruption and keep Moby Dick afloat?