Donald at the Bat – Day 962, Trump’s Challengers (no day 959, 960, 961)

Day 962, Trump’s Challengers 


Mark Sanford, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld announced that they will run

Against Trump for the nomination.  This ought to be fun.

Three savvy politicians have sensed Donald’s sinking boat.

It might be hard for them to win; some states won’t even vote.


Four states have just announced that no primaries will be held,

Producing howls of pain from Messrs Sanford, Walsh, and Weld.

Trump wants no contests, (though he’ll win) for battles have a cost.

Incumbents who were challenged: Bush I, Jimmy Carter, lost.


Trump told reporters that his three opponents are a joke.

So, who needs a primary?  (Trump, as usual, blowing smoke.)

Does he think there’s some risk involved and maybe his support

Is not as monolithic as he claims the polls report?


And then, he called his challengers, “three stooges;” why do that?

Well, Trump aims his appeal at the level of, “dingbat.”

Such grade school level taunting is, by now, familiar fare.

You’ll find no intellectual content in Trump anywhere.


Walsh is an old Tea Party man and now a talk show host.

Sanford, Weld: ex-governors from South and Northeast coast.

All say Trump’s no conservative and an embarrassment.

Is there a chance that one could win?  Do not risk one red cent.


Now Trump, who screwed a porn star, criticized Sanford’s affair.

And, we know Trump lies every day when all facts are laid bare.

The comments from Republicans?  No one else has the guts

To challenge Trump on anything, (though they think he’s a putz.)


Republicans in Congress are all weenies, as we see.

Are their base voters feared by both Trump and the RNC?

Will all the judges Mitch approved turn out to be enough

To keep the Donald’s base in line?  If not things may get rough.